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Apricot Kush is one of the smelliest weed strains you’ll try in this life and the next. Perhaps you’ve tried Tuna Kush before. This one isn’t bad-smelling at all but the aroma is very intoxicating. The apricot fragrance will envelop you and never let you go until you evacuate the room and finish smoking. As for the flavour, let’s just say you’ll love the earthy sweetness of the apricots.

The THC concentration reaches 12-18% generally, which makes this a fairly potent strain. It’ll batter your brain with euphoria and energy a bit, before throwing you into a pit of contemplative sedation and relaxation. The effects are split between the Indica and Sativa heritage, so this is a full-fledged hybrid.


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$60 per 1/2oz, $100 per oz


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