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Maqui Gelato is a hybrid cannabis strain with indica-leaning characteristics, according to those who have tried it. Reviewers share that the head high hits immediately and powerfully, and can catch the uninitiated off guard with its intensity, but the uplifting and carefree nature of the remaining effects balance out the quick initial rush with a steady, long-lasting, mellow buzz.

28% THC

The unique Maqui Gelato aroma confronts you upon first opening the packaging, revealing a sweet gas aroma mixed with tropical and syrup smells. Sweetness carries through to the flavor along with a metallic, fuel-like taste, and some earthiness. The buds are densely condensed with very dark green hues that approach purple. Light green leaves blend in well and orange pistils creep out among the leaves. You can see a light trichome layer, particularly on the dark leaves.


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$80 per 1/4oz, $155 per 1/2oz


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