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THC 30%

Purple OG Kush is a potent indica cannabis strain that smells and tastes of berries and pine. Its buds are a mossy green with hues of violets throughout when harvest-ready.

The parents of Purple OG Kush are the hybrid OG Kush and indica Purple Kush.

Its THC levels average in the high teens and have been known to reach 27% in some crops. Just a little with go a long way, so both novice and veteran consumers take heed. Purple OG Kush’s high will induce a severe case of the munchies, so have some snacks at hand. Its high will begin with a pleasing head rush accompanied with slight pressure, and soon ease into a full head and body stone that relaxes and eases aches and pains throughout the body. The cerebral effects cause the consumer to feel cloudy and out-of-focus, causing this strain to be best consumed at night as it will also cause you to feel sleepy and lethargic.


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$40 per 1/8 oz, $65 per 1/4 oz, $120 per 1/2 oz, $200 per oz


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